3 Ways To Protect Your Packages This Holiday Season

Porch Pirates, Stoop Bandits, and Door Thieves are always a year round threat that become bigger during the holidays. This year with an expected 230 million Americans ordering online a huge increase from 209 million in 2016 the opportunities for these thieves may seem endless.  
That is exactly why we wrote this article. We will show you 3 ways to keep your packages safe and away from thieves.
Here at Whiz Kid Network Solutions we pride ourselves on our know how and love of home automation. We can install and maintenance any of the following devices. If you have not already please feel free to check us out online at whizkidnetworksolutions.com or call us at 407-801-9543. Now that the plug is finished let us get to the list.

1) Track Your Package:

This is probably a no brainer for most people especially since companies like amazon automatically send you tracking updates. A huge way to protect your packages is to simply track them. Know where they are and when they will be arriving. If you do this then you or someone you know can be at your home to receive it upon arrival. If a package is never left unattended it cannot be poached.

2) Video Doorbells:

Video doorbells are becoming more and more of a common occurrence now a days. Over 20 million homes in America alone have a video doorbell. one of the reasons for this is you guessed it receiving packages. People who have video door bells have less chance of getting their packages stolen. Thieves are usually less likely to target a home with security cameras and that exactly what a video doorbell is. So if you want to keep and eye on your packages or just your home in general a video doorbell will be a great asset.

3) Lock Box

A third option if you would like to add some furniture to the front of your home is a lock box. A lock box is basically how it sounds a box with a lock on it. Leave delivery instructions with your parcel carrier and they will place your packages in the box and add the lock. Now no need to worry about your packages at all. They are all locked away nice and safe waiting for you to get home. There are plenty of smart lock options that can be used with many delivery services. These locks only open after they scan a package that was scheduled to get delivered making it even easier for you and the delivery person.

Remember if you need any help installing these or any other devices our technician are willing and able. Once again you can reach use at 407-801-9543. we hope this article has been helpful and will assist you with protecting your packages.

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